The brothers are back at it again discovering the hidden gems of Laguna. But this time, we were able to witness the pristine twin lakes of San Pablo, Lakes Pandin and Yambo. In order to make the most of our Laguna trip, we added Bunga Twin Falls in Nagcarlan as our sidetrip.

Around 8 am we arrived at the jump-off point of Bunga falls. The lot is wide enough for visitors who have their own private cars. Entrance fee is only 5 pesos and after a 5 minute no sweat trek  you will reach the falls.

Trail to Bunga falls.


The falls is approximately 15 meters high and 50 ft deep. Jumping is possible but you can see a sign that it is forbidden because there have been accidents there, so be extra careful. We were planning to jump but the current was way too strong and the trail going to the top of the falls is quite slippery, since it rained the past couple of days according to the locals.


Bunga Falls is most crowded during the afternoon so if you’re not into that, visit early in the morning like we did. We had the whole place to ourselves!

Bunga Falls is called twin falls because it is separated by a huge rock in the middle. Who would have known that something separated could be that beautiful.. Lol

If you want to go near the falls but not a good swimmer, there are salbabidas you can rent for 40 pesos each.


As we were about to head back to the drop-off, we thought that we were no longer be charged for the cottage since we just placed our belongings there and we didn’t stay that long. But still, we were charged and we had no choice but to pay 200 pesos for the cottage. Wouldn’t hurt to ask first!

For our next stop, Lake Yambo. There are 2 ways to reach the lake. Via an estimated 40 minute drive from Nagcarlan town proper or via rafting at Lake Pandin, since the two lakes are only separated by a long strip of land. Lake Yambo is not that famous compared to its twin lake so there were no tourists when we arrived.

We decided to just take photos there and head to Pandin via tricycle.

If you want to get to Pandin from Yambo via raft ride, they are charging Php 360/head. (180 going to Pandin then another 180 when you arrive there because the stop will be at the border of the two lakes, not at the waiting area)


Before heading to Pandin lake, we dropped by at the famous Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, known as the oldest underground cemetery in the country.


This is Mang Bayer Comendador. Our awesome tricycle driver/tour guide for that day! He drove us to Bunga Falls then Lake Yambo then Lake Pandin. Thank you so much, good sir!


Upon arriving at the jump-off point of Pandin Lake, there are kids who will approach you and will serve as your tour guide. It’s not required so it’s up to you how much you will pay them. From there, you will have to trek around 15 to 20 minutes to reach the lake.

This is Jian, our Lake Pandin tour guide!


View from the trail.


We arrived at around 12 PM and the place was crowded. Everyone was waiting for their turn to go rafting.

They had a lack of organization when it came to the list of people who will go rafting which was kind of disappointing. But we couldn’t let anything ruin our day so we just patiently waited, bought food at one of the mini stalls and enjoyed our time together as the hours passed by.

After 2 hours, it was finally our turn! We waited so long that we were thinking twice if we would push through. We’re so glad that we did because it was worth it!

The raft ride costs Php 200/head. Rate with food is Php 360/head. Rates are different on weekdays.


  • If you don’t want to wait in line, you can always contact them and make a reservation.
  • Since a lot of people visit the lake on weekends, you’d have to share the ride with other groups. Most of the rafts have a maximum capacity of 10 people.
  • The whole rafting experience lasts for a fixed 2 hours.
  • Last rafting trip is 5:00 PM, sometimes 6:00 PM so better be mindful of the time!


Kudos to these guys!


Wearing a life vest is a must for it is 207 ft deep! Mas malalim pa sa feels namin.


The water was very clean which made swimming more enjoyable!


Guess it’s safe to say that this swing is very popular at Lake Pandin. Of course, we couldn’t miss a photo op!

This is our friend, Pat, by the way. Hi Pat!


It ended up to be a very good trip!


4:00 AM – Meet up in Buendia

4:30-5:00 AM – Bus ride going to Calamba, Laguna

5:30-6:00 AM –  Jeepney ride going to San Pablo, Laguna

6:00-7:00 AM – Breakfast in San Pablo

7:00-7:30 AM – Jeepney ride to Nagcarlan, Laguna

7:30-7:50 AM – Tricycle ride to Bunga Twin Falls

7:55-8:00 AM  – Trek to Bunga Twin Falls

8:00-10:00 AM – Bunga Twin Falls

10:00-10:30 AM – Tricycle going to Yambo Lake

10:30-10:45 AM – Yambo Lake

10:45-11:00 AM – Tricycle ride going to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

11:00-11:10 AM – Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

11:10-11:45 AM – Tricycle ride going to Pandin Lake

11:45-12:00 NN – Trek to Pandin Lake

12:00 NN  – Arrival at Pandin Lake

12:00-2:00 PM – Waiting and Lunch

2:00-3:30 PM – Raft ride, swimming at Pandin Lake

3:30-3:45 PM – Trek to Highway

4:00-5:00 PM – Wash up

5:00-6:30 PM – Jeepney going to Calamba

6:30-7:00pm – Dinner in Calamba

7:00-8:30 PM – Bus ride to Cubao


Bus fare to Calamba  – Php 63.00/head w/ student discount (x2)

Jeep fare to San Pablo – Php 40.00/head

Jeep fare to Nagcarlan – Php 25.00/head

Bunga Twin Falls entrance fee – Php 5.00/head

Tricycle tour from Nagcarlan to San Pablo – Php 400 | Php100/head *this depends on the tricycle driver

Pandin Lake tour guide – Php 100 | Php 25.00/head

Pandin Lake raft ride – Php 200/head

Tricycle fare to San Pablo – Php 150 | Php 40.00/head

Jeep fare to Calamba – Php 43.00/head

TOTAL EXPENSE: Php 604 (Excluding food)

Food expense

Breakfast – Php 100

Hotdog sandwich – Php 30.00 (Pandin)

Halo-halo – Php 35.00 (Pandin)

Dinner – Php 100


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